Within Each of Us is an Inner Engine

Within each one of us is an inner engine, which carries us wherever we choose to go. Almost everything in life depends on us, on an inner decision, on our persistence and our willpower.

In order to turn our lives into fulfilling, meaningful and happy lives – we need to believe that we have the ability to reach our goals, whatever they may be. We must be driven with the feeling of success and faith that we can handle the challenges that we are faced with.

The feeling of personal capability is more important than the capability itself. In many people, there is great untapped potential that is not being realized and they experience ongoing frustration in their lives.  They haven’t fulfilled their hidden potential because they do not believe in themselves and their abilities and they do not have the emotional/mental[1]  energy to deal with the difficulties along the way. Contrary to them, there are people who were not blessed with the most optimal natural abilities, and in spite of this, they will reach high professional and personal achievements. They will reach these heights thanks to their feelings of capability, thanks to the effort they will invest, thanks to the determination and optimism that enable them to deal with failures and keep moving forward. In the end – it is the human spirit that is victorious and not their skills.

The singer Susan Boyle was determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. She was born the youngest in a family of six sisters and four brothers. As a child, she was diagnosed with a learning disability and later on was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. In 2009, she performed on the most prominent talent show in all of Great Britain. At first, her physical appearance and older age generated some disrespect and raised some eyebrows among the viewers, but the moment she began singing, silence was cast in the hall and her wonderful voice penetrated everyone’s hearts. Even the lyrics were symbolic: They were all about how there is no right time to fulfill a dream, no right age or right place. At any given moment, a person can decide to fulfill their aspirations with the help of strong faith and persistence, and so move forward toward their goal. Within just a few days, the video of the performance gained forty-five million views, and Boyle became one of the most successful singers in Britain and the whole world.

It’s true, we cannot be responsible for events that are out of our control, but our reaction to these events is in our hands. In other words: The keys are inside. A positive attitude about life, the challenges it throws at us, the difficulties, and its various situations – will advance us in life, help us to be happier, more active, and to contribute to ourselves and to others, to family, to community and to society.

Too many people give up in advance on their dreams, when they weigh their dream against the objective conditions, which they see as impossible obstacles. In this lies their biggest mistake. The cold and rational facts are lying. They do not take into consideration human passion, determination and willpower, which overcome, in many cases, all obstacles. See, for example, the beginning of the Zionist movement. In those days, its leaders, with Herzl at the head, were considered no more than dreamers, but were it not for their fantasy, we wouldn’t be among the family of nations today and the State of Israel would not have been established.

Grace Hopper, an American pioneer in computer sciences, who was ground-breaking both in regards to her profession and in regards to gender, said: “A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships were built for.”

Helen Keller, the author and social activist who was deaf, blind and mute and became a worldwide inspiration, said: “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

And yet, the entrepreneur Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, said: “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

The conclusion: If we lose the magical, childish and innocent human ability – something to dream about, we lose the whole point of life. If so, let us turn the obstacle into a challenge – let us skip over the surrounding conditions that are blocking us and decide that from now on they are no longer relevant.

Let us remember: The key to the door of “the locked room” (a metaphor for those “dead end” and “no way to move forward” feelings in life) is in our hands. It is in those very situations where we are feeling stuck in life – that we have the opportunity to go down a new path, fulfill our dreams and improve the quality of our lives.

So how do we move forward?

1. We declare the dream or challenge, write it down, and break down the overall mission into smaller tasks and sub-stages. This way, in a simple and practical way, the scary goal, which is perceived by us as too much to handle and unattainable, will suddenly become realistic and much less intimidating. Yes, yes, also Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2. We divide the overall mission into goals and sub-stages, preferably with dates, and then start the journey. Before heading out, we’ll equip ourselves with determination, faith and optimism.

3. We remember that the journey toward our goal will usually not be a short one. In a real and right process, there are no shortcuts but deep digging, furrow after furrow, and sometimes your metaphorical plow will encounter obstacles. When plowing a field, there will always stumbling blocks in the way, this is the natural process.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase,” said Martin Luther King, leader of the black civil rights movement in The United States, “just take the first step…”

The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho wrote in his book “The Alchemist: ”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” [2] 


Remember! You – and only you! – steer and guide the ship of your life. The leadership of your life is placed solely in your hands. And when you truly set your intentions toward the goal, use your determination and make the effort to reach it, the universe too will provide you a tailwind.

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