We can start a new life at any age

I will always remember a conversation I once had, as a young teacher, with one of the teachers that had just retired.
The woman, who had always been full of energy and vitality, told me in full sincerity: "
When you get older, only your body feels it.
Your soul will always remain young!"

This ascertainment – as naïve as it might have sounded at the time- has remained in my mind since then and I repeat it to myself every day.
No matter one's age or the times we go through, we should always see ourselves as beginning a new life.
That's how we gain optimism, vitality and readiness to "rush" at life.
A person that lacks basic enthusiasm for life and performs his/her life duties in a technical way – does not really live a good life.
He/she exists physically but his/her soul and heart do not take part in his/her everyday activities. 
That's why that person is most likely unable to feel any kind of happiness or enthusiasm.
Whenever a person identifies this kind of mood, it is his/her own responsibility to take care of himself /herself at the emotional level, otherwise, they might become a kind of "Zombie".
Especially because we live in an era of professionalism and competition, it is essential that we maintain a human and emotional dimension in our everyday activities in all fields. 

We should know and constantly repeat to ourselves that it's never too late to fulfill forgotten dreams, dreams that have been oppressed under all kinds of excuses.
Even if we are aged and already grandparents, we must respect our emotional needs and do what we feel we must and want to do.
It's simply a must!! Any time is the right time to fulfill our dreams!


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