How come, one bright day I decided to write a blog? 

My blog is one out of many thousands out there opening every day all over the world. Yet, an inner feeling is telling me that many people, both in Israel and around the world, will undoubtedly connect to its contents.
This blog, which for me is like a baby coming out into the world, has been created as a result of a long process of writing and conducting workshops for the past fifteen years in different subjects and for different target audiences.
To mention just a few, some workshops dealing with gender were aimed at high school students, while others focusing on empowerment were aimed at retirees or school staff.
My blog deals with the very issues that concern all of us and as I see it, its primary goal is to show readers
how to live with power, inner peace and joy in such a complex and challenging reality called "life". 

I do not have the pretention to present myself as a role model.
My goal is to share with you insights that I have gained in different stages in my life so that they could, even if only at a minor scale, help and inspire those who day by day are faced with hardships and challenges that often seem insurmountable. 

The ideas in my blog have been taking shape in my thoughts and consciousness during the years in which, like many of us, I had to go through deep emotional processes.

So let's start from the beginning! Who am I? 

My name is Orna Markus Ben-Zvi, 59, mother to three children and grandmother to five grand children, hoping for more…. For many years now I have been teaching History  in high school and for the last six years also instructing teachers in the subject of Gender and Gender Equality.
Seven years ago I finished my Ph.D Degree in History and Gender. 

In the course of my long years of study I had to face a major difficulty- how to handle both my full time teaching position (including all the additional demands such as marking tests, lesson plans, contact with students and parents ) and my study which required the collection of data and academic writing along with perseverance and concentration. 
Let's not forget the usual tasks as a wife, mother and then grandmother.
Undoubtedly, all these challenges required a lot of mental strength and a source from which to draw encouragement and optimism in order to keep on and not give up. 

I found a way to encourage myself and successfully cope with all the professional challenges while keeping my mental balance by writing empowering thoughts and insights I obtained on the way to achieving my goals. 

For many years, this written material was kept "in the drawer" and was never published.
As I said before, I used it in workshops for students, teachers and retirees. Following their reactions, I realized this material might also help many other people. 

We are about to celebrate the opening of a new Jewish year and it's a great time for new beginnings.
Energies of rebirth and freshness are filling the universe and I feel now it's the right time to launch my blog which is entirely dedicated to the improvement of our life quality.
Let's go!  

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