Let's look at the smiling boy in this picture.
Let's remember ourselves as smiling carefree children. 

A child takes pleasure in every small detail in his life.
He enjoys the simple pleasures of life that we take for granted: eating, playing, a hug, a song.
He lives here and now mindless of the time dimension of past and future. 
At each given moment he enjoys whatever he has in life and what the world has to offer him.
He does not possess yet the adult wide perspective of the world with its infinite stimuli and its physical and spiritual richness. 
He is full of curiosity and creativity, not bound by stereotypical patterns of thought and therefore, his mind is fully open and limitless. 

He is capable of experiencing the joy of discovery again and again and is repeatedly impressed by the beauty of Nature and the objects he discovers around him. 

A child is not aware of the world complexity with its many hardships and challenges.
He is devoid of cynicism or criticism and does not suffer from any pressures whatsoever (assuming, of course, that he leads a normative childhood) 

In order to achieve our goals and dreams we often need to think like a child, without the limitations of rationalism.
We should adopt a child's way of thinking where everything is possible.
Adults usually tend to give up on their dreams from the beginning since they immediately figure out the obstacles ahead concluding that their dream is unachievable.
In fact, our rationalism is the main obstacle which prevents us from even trying to achieve our dreams. 
What we should do is let our imagination take us high up and see ourselves having already achieved our goal and then take steps to move forward.
Our dreams are fulfilled step by step, each small step getting us closer to the final goal.  

So let's connect to the small child hidden inside us.
Let's rediscover the joy of life, creativity, the joy of discovery. We can enjoy the small simple details and trifles that we, as adults, usually see as obvious. Let's enjoy the beauty of Nature, music and the Universe and stop taking them for granted. 

Too many people live their life as if a millstone lay on their back and blocked the sight of the beauty of the world. 
Let's imagine we are light – both physically and mentally and free of any kind of millstone burden.
It is essential that we understood that these millstones exist only in our imagination and that they are virtual chains that we ourselves have tied around our neck along different life processes.
Let's imagine that the world before us is free and that the universe abounds in possibilities and paths that we can take – both professionally and personally.
We just need to seize what the world has to offer us. 

Let's believe that the universe is on our side and within us, think positively, with a profound feeling that everything is fine, that someone or something out there is preserving us.   

Unfortunately, many of us feel paralyzed by the feeling of being victims of our life circumstances.
However, in most cases, precisely these circumstances may become a lever for new opportunities and advancement in life.
One way to do so is by reminding ourselves of how we succeeded in working it out in previous difficult situations. This can give us strength and remind us that we can do it. So, let's live our life without hate or anger, without feeling victims and with a lot of love to those around us.
Ignore the things we do not have, rather, look at the things we do have and magnify them. Every day we should be thankful for what we have and feel blessed for it.
Let's remember to cherish every single possession of ours: both the emotional and the materialistic ones.
We all have people around us who love us and whom we love.
Let's see other people as our brothers.

It's also important to learn to turn negative statements into positive ones.
Positive thinking improves both our physical and mental health. Learn to forgive.

We can seek happiness in nature, in music and in the silent creation of the world.
We can do that by being around the people we love, hiking or travelling around the world, walking along the beach, reading books, contemplating works of art… We can pick whatever works best in making us happy and joyful. 

On the other hand, we should keep away of whatever makes us feel depressed and bleak and whatever drains us from our vitality and joy.

While leading our life we should all truly believe that we are the leaders of our life.
We do lead and are not led. We are nobody's puppets, neither emotionally, nor practically speaking.
Nobody can control us either physically or emotionally or both. 
Our happiness depends only on ourselves, by following our inner truth, by taking personal responsibility out of courage and respect for others. 

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