The impediment of superiority feelings

Many of us tend to fall into the trap of vanity and sense of superiority. It's really easy and almost natural.
The feeling that "I am better, more intelligent, successful and talented than others" is the one that actually leads us to failure. 

Let's try to change our way of thinking and see ourselves as essentially equal to others.
We should learn to listen to, to respect others and understand that for them, their life is as holy and important as it is for us.
Each person is a whole world.   Each one of us is the embodiment of the universe, the realization of the divine essence on Earth.
Therefore, we must all respect every human being for what he is, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, important or not, tall or short, young or old.
We must all respect each other; speak to each other at eye level, not look down on others.
On the other hand, we must not humiliate ourselves in front of authority, power, money, high positions…etc.
We should remain on our guards so that others will not hurt our dignity.
Likewise, we must under no circumstances hurt the dignity of others.
Even though we might hold a high position, we must never forget that one bright day, we might find ourselves without it. It's important to remember that our rank, money, position, do not make our human dignity.
We all deserve it as human beings.
We could expand our dignity, though, by devoting ourselves to others, by doing good deeds, by acting nobly, morally and wisely. 

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